WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Is SMOK a Good Vape Brand?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve probably heard about the vape brand SMOK. SMOK also known as SMOKTech has offered vapor products since 2010 making it one of the oldest vaping manufacturers still in business today. SMOK is a good and progressive vape brand and we will cover why smoking is a good vape brand as well as some of its shortcomings.

SMOK has released some of the most popular and sought after vape mods, vape tanks, and vape starter kits to ever hit the electronic cigarette market. One such vape device is the SMOK Alien 220W which took the e-cig industry by surprise selling tens of thousands of units. The SMOK Alien isn’t their only best seller, SMOK has had tremendous success selling all sorts of vape products such as vape tanks, vape mods, vape coils, vape starters kits, etc. Now that we’ve established that SMOK is a popular brand, but are their vape products any good?

Are SMOK Vapes Good?

Depending on who you ask you will get a different answer about the quality of SMOK products. Some complain that their SMOK tanks leak and others claim that their mods stopped working after a couple months of use. We are here to share our experience with SMOK vaporizers. I have personally owned 5 SMOK products that I have loved and continue to use today. In short, SMOK vapes are good based on my personal experience with their brands.

I have owned the following SMOK Products:

  • SMOK Species. My SMOK species was my go-to mod for a couple of months until SMOK released the Nord. I thoroughly enjoyed the Species and did not have any issues with it whatsoever. The tank that came with the Species Starter Kit vaped great, I didn’t have an issues with it either.
  • SMOK TFV8 Tank. I have owned a TFV8 Tank and although I really enjoyed vaping it, I had a leaking issue when I first got it. The coils that came with this tank had some sort of problem with that caused the tank to leak no matter what I did, so I popped open a new pack of coils and switched out the included coil and everything worked great from that point on.
  • SMOK Nord. The Nord is my favorite pod system of all time, it’s currently my go to vape, I take it everywhere. What I love about it is the performance you get from the sub-ohm compatible pods, you basically get the vapor performance of a large vape starter kit from a pod system. It has worked flawlessly since i’ve had it and you might enjoy it too. Highly recommend it!
  • SMOK G-Priv. I owned the G-priv before the Species and it was a great starter kit, enjoyed it but I still prefer the species over it. When it comes to performance, it performed well, no major issues with it.
  • SMOK Fit. The Fit was a dinky little pod system that I used mainly with nicotine salts. Performed great, got way more vapor from it than I would get from my JUUL. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nicotine salt pod system.

Out of the 5 SMOK products that I have owned, only the TFV8 Tank leaked on me and it was a simple to fix, I just had to change the coil because the o-rings on the coil were worn out. The other 4 products that I used from them were awesome and performed flawlessly. I thoroughly enjoyed the vaping experience I got from SMOK vape devices and tanks.

Why SMOK is a Good Brand

  • Performance & Innovation. If you want a vape setup that has all of the latest and greatest feature, you can’t go wrong with a SMOK Starter Kit. Every starter kit they release is equipped with new technologies such as OLED displays, high performance chipsets, advanced safety options, advanced power delivery options, etc.
  • Affordability. SMOK offers a variety of affordable vape mods, vape tanks, and coils. If you’ve ever purchased a mod, you know they aren’t cheap. SMOK always manages to deliver top-of-the-line performing mods that are cheaper than their competitors.
  • Ease of Use. Most of the SMOK products that we have used are easy to setup and start using. The average vaper will have no problem figuring out how to use the standard features on a SMOK mod. Some of their mods have advanced features that require some vaping knowledge, but YouTube is full of great resources that will teach you how to use them.
  • Availability. SMOK products are everywhere, so if you ever need coils or replacement parts, you can get them from Vapor Origin or drive down the street to your local shop and they will probably have the coils you’re looking for.

SMOK vape products are good because they deliver unbeatable performance for the money. If you want to chuck clouds of delicious flavor without breaking the bank, you will be able to do so with SMOK vapor products.

SMOK built its reputation in the e-cigarette industry by pushing the envelope of what’s possible in vaping technology. They produced a number of powerful chipsets that allowed their vaporizers to offer more power, more precision, and just an overall better vaping experience than most of their competitors.

SMOK has a great design team that known how to design attractive and sleek looking mods with unique design elements that just look cool and make their products stand out from the crowd.

SMOK has also produced a variety of excellent tanks and coil system that made advanced vaping available to the masses. Before SMOK changed the game, vapers didn’t have tanks that performed very similarly to RDAs and RTAs. Today, the market is full of sub-ohm vape tanks that perform just as good as if not better than some RDAs on the market.

SMOK Starter Kits that Perform Great

SMOK has an impressive lineup of vaping equipment but it gets overwhelming trying to choose from the huge variety of vape products that they have. So here are a few great vape starter kits from SMOK:

Problems with SMOK

  • Too Many Products. SMOK offers way too many options when it comes to tanks and coils. They are always adding new products to their already huge list of vaporizers and accessories. This creates a problem for buyers because there is way too much variety to choose from
  • Coil Quality Control. SMOK produces so many coils and offers so many coil options that some of their coils don’t work properly or don’t work at all. Whether you’re looking for a dual coil or an 8 coil atomizer, SMOK has something for you. However, they make so many that sometimes a few bad coils slip through the cracks.
  • Customer Service. SMOK does not have the best customer service and if you’ve ever had to deal with them, you will know what we are talking about. They have improved the warranty process, but there is still a lot that needs to be done.

Where are SMOK Vapes Made?

SMOK was established in 2010 and is located in the Shenzhen’s Nanshan District in China, which is the global manufacturing center of vaping. SMOK is one of the biggest manufacturers of vaping equipment and conducts a ton of research and development. China, unlike the United States, has taken a relaxed view of manufacturing vapor products, making it one of the best places to for vape manufacturers to set up shop.

When SMOK became popular, many e-cigarette manufacturers began to replicate SMOK’s products and selling them as their own. As a result of counterfeit products, SMOK and many other e-cigarette manufacturers began developing verification systems to verify the authenticity of their products. This is why you see many authentication codes and stickers that allow you to verify your products online.

Always verify your vape products to make sure you did not purchase a counterfeit vape product. At Vapor Origin we purchase vape products directly from the manufacturers themselves, which ensures that the products we sell are 100% Authentic and Genuine. Every SMOK product that we sell comes with an authentication code that you can check directly on the SMOKTech website.

SMOK products are made in China and we want vapers to feel confident when purchasing SMOK products, most vapers who purchase SMOK vape products will be happy with their purchase. Their vaporizers, tanks, mods, and coil are among the best performing vape products currently on the market.

Recently, SMOK is facing a great amount of competition from brands such as Innokin, Joyetech, Suorin, Aspire, Vaporesso, etc. The message we want to deliver is that you should not be discouraged from purchasing these products just because they came from China, just make sure you’re buying authentic products from well-know manufactures and you should be able to enjoy the best of what vaping has to offer.

Are SMOK Vapes Safe?

SMOK is one of the biggest, if not the biggest manufacturers of a variety electronic cigarettes and vape products. Million of vapers use SMOK products on a daily basis yet we have never heard of a SMOK product exploding or hurting anyone.

SMOK is a large manufacturer and so it has a huge reason to make sure that it is manufacturing products that are safe and will not cause people any harm. We are confident with the quality of products that SMOK produces. To ease your worries, you should know that SMOK spends a large amount of money on product testing and development, therefore we are confident in the quality and safety of their products.

SMOK Vapes for Sale

Vapor Origin offers a variety of SMOK vapor products for Sale. We have everything from SMOK Mods, Starter Kits, Tanks, Coils, and accessories. You can click here to browse our SMOK product offerings.

SMOK Customer Service & Warranty Information

According to the SMOK Website, SMOK offers a 6 month warranty on all of their vaporizer mods and hardware. However, their website states that this warranty does not apply to tanks, atomizers, drip tips, pods, and e-liquids. If you happen to purchase a mod or pod system from them that is deffective or DOA, send it back to them along with proof of purchase and verification code and they should help you out. They will test the product to determine if the issue was due to a manufacturing defect, if it’s a defect from them they will replace the device for you.

SMOK also provides a troubleshooting guide on their website for the products that they sell. At SMOKTech.com you will find their contact information as well as a ton of information on their most popular vapor products.

SMOK Firmware Updates

SMOK offers firmware updates for some it’s vape mods. Sometimes they realize that they could have done something better with the mods software and so you will see periodically releasing new software updates for some mods. You can check out this link and it will take you to their firmware update page.

SMOKTech’s Impact on the Vaping Industry

As we mentioned, SMOK is one of the most progressive Chinese vaping companies in the vaping industry. It places a lot of effort and work into releasing original products. At the time that SMOK was releasing original products, other manufacturers were busy cloning existing products and selling them.

The biggest impact that SMOK had on the market was when it released the TFV series of vape tanks. It set a new standard for sub-ohm vape tanks by offering a great tank with different coil options. The coils ranged from single coils to octuple coils (8 coil configuration).

How do You Pronounce SMOK?

There has been a large debate in the vaping community on how to pronounce SMOK. Is it “Smoke” or “Smock?” To put your mind at ease the correct pronunciation is Smoke. In fact when SMOK was originally launched it was called SMOKETech and later changed its name to SMOK to distance itself from cigarette smoke, however the official pronunciation is smoke as in fire smoke.

Final Thoughts on SMOK as a Brand

Hopefully by now we have established that SMOK is an innovative brand that offers a great variety of vaping products. They have a good reputation as a pioneer in the e-cigarette industry, releasing new improved vape products at a time when everyone was copying each other. SMOK is responsible for introducing some of the best vape products and pushing the entire vaping industry forward and for that reason we offer their products at affordable prices for the masses.